TYM is the company who provides imported and supplied products services for customers. Recommended for the business starter that is unknown how to contacts these suppliers or order products from any factory. We imported the products by the professional officers for managing products orders in China. Including the customers who used our service to imported products from China. Just give us your final price then we will take care it for the best price for you.

Shipping by car take time around 5-7 days which is recommended for the product is need rapidity and highly competition

Processed : averaged time 12-15 days

Recomended for products which is estimated time of departure and can be waiting. This service is safer and less damage

Processed : averaged time 12-15 days

Recommended for a lot of products shipping, needed reducing cost, be able to carry products from produced factory in China to shipping to your warehouse directly.

We provide full-services strart with order to product arriving in you hands. We give advising to choose products, importing, contact for the cheapest price in order.

1. Contact for details with officer

You can call us 02-5259700, 062-4399478 or Line@ : @tym_official to inform to order this service imported products from China we will ask for some basic information and send you a quatation

2. Order and Supply products for customers

3. Store

Factory in China shipped products to China warehouse and then shipping to Thailand.

4. When the products arrived in Thailand

The officer will contact you to pay the payment.

5. Payment notification

You can send the payment receipt.

6. The products are shipping to the customers

As condition, 1-2 days after confirmation the payment.

TYM provides services as supply and import all of legal products by Cargo and our Shipping more than 6 years. The customers trust in and select our services. Just contact us and tell the final price checked. We are ready to provide you a better price.

Apart from in Thailand, We expanded branches to China include Guangzhou, Yiwu and Shenzhen to support the customes who need to import the products from China.in addition to order and supply when the customers need to order lot of products but hesitate in quality of products. We provides the service to quality check the products for you before ordering to make a confident for our customers. All the 6 years that we provides our services. TYM Co.,Ltd we run the business on respectability and sincerelity. The sincere is the most important thing that make our business’s still running on until nowadays.